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Northern Homs evacuees 'very disappointed', urge people not to leave

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2018-05-12 10:25:00
Northern Homs evacuees 'very disappointed', urge people not to leave

   (Zaman Al Wasl TV)- More than 3000 people, including rebels and their families, have been stranded in northern Syria after they failed to get permission to enter the Turkish-held areas of al-Abab and Jarabulus.

In this report, Zaman Al Wasl TV sheds the light on the suffering of northern Homs displaced.

About 58 buses stuffed with the disappointed evacuees have returned back to Qalaat al-Madiq in Homs where they will be distributed in 13 camps.

Evacuation operations were suspended for three days in central Hama and Homs provinces as the Turkish authorities say areas under its control are overloaded with displaced and the relief organizations can not afford the proper service for new displaced batches after receiving about 70000 people in the last few weeks.

Sources told Zaman al-Wasl taht the local negotiation committee in Rastan agreed with Russia to delay the evacuation efforts for three days in order to arrange better leaving conditions for rebels and their families.

Turkey argued that there were no places because of the influx of large numbers of displaced people as at least 25000 people were scheduled to leave central Syria. 

Hundreds of displaced people from southern Damascus and northern Homs province have been stranded at the gate of Abu al-Zendan, the main gate to the Turkish-backed forces in Jarabulus and al-Bab towns before changing the destination to Idlib.

A displaced woman from northern Homs died of heart attack at the gate of al-Bab town on Tuesday as activists blamed the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield forces for delaying the entry of the evacuees.

Rebels representing several major Free Syrian Army factions capitulated to a Russian-imposed deal after marathon talks with Russian generals on May 2 in Dar al-Kabira town in the northern Homs countryside.

The deal forced them to hand in heavy weapons and gave those rebels not ready to make peace with the army the option of leaving with light arms to rebel-held areas in northern Syria, Reuters reported.

Russia exerted pressure by pounding the main towns of the enclave, where over 300,000 inhabitants live, in an escalation that killed and wounded dozens, rebels and residents said.

The war has been going Bashar Assad’s way since Russia intervened on his side in 2015. From holding less than a fifth of Syria in 2015, Assad has recovered to control the largest chunk of the country with Russian and Iranian help.

A major bombing campaign that began last February ended the last remaining pockets of opposition resistance in the Eastern Ghouta, the biggest enclave around the capital, that had for years withstood a siege and successive army onslaughts.


Zaman Al Wasl
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