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Apps to promote products of Syrian women in Jordan

(Zaman Al Wasl)- The young Syrian Mohammed al-Rawashdeh moved from Daraa to Jordan, aiming to pursue his studies. He, then, graduated the first on his class, majoring in the field of software engineering.

In cooperation with his colleagues, Ahmed Mahmoud Barkisia, and Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Kurds, Mohammad came to the decision concerning their graduation project, which consisted of the launching of an application called "Bazaar". An application that is supposed to be free a free, and dedicated to help promoting the Syrian women with small projects working from home.

Their graduation project began with a field study conducted on a number of these Syrian women, to come to the conclusion, later on, that the major obstacle that has faced their projects’ prosper, was the product marketing. 

The challenge faced by these women, inspired the main objective of the project. The young men's application project would provide these Syrian women with a free showcase for their products available to all ladies to showcase their products, so that all consumers would be able to know about their products, as well to be able to reach and purchase them.

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