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Syrian refugees invents laser microscope

 (Zaman Al Wasl TV)- Abbas al-Faouri, a Syrian pioneer who fled to Jordan escaping the violence of the Syrian regime in the war-torn country. 

He obtained a scholarship in civil engineering at Al-Quds University in Amman, such a great opportunity enabled him from more creation . 

Al-Faouri was acquainted with physics what gave him a passion for learning. He was struck by the idea of ​​a laser microscope.

The new microscope uses the red laser instead of the white light in the optical microscope, replacing the electrons in the microscope.

Al-Faouri said that the microscope can use red and white light, stressing that the basic idea is to see the samples in the form of a film, adding that that he is in the process of obtaining a patent from Amman Arab University for his invention.

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