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Zaman TV: Hussein needs plastic surgery

(Zaman Al Wasl TV)- The pictures taken of Hussein may seem at first to be extracted from an artificial and fabricated hollywoodian scene, but with the Syrian condition and the daily tragedies it produces, these scenes have become almost mundane and realistic. 

This realistic character, Hussein, has suffered from the bitterness of war and displacement. He was displaced along with his family from the Sinjar area to the town of Harim after the Assad barrels destroyed their house. While his mother was preparing dinner in their primitive home devoid of the necessary elements of cooking and life in general, the flames of fire devoured Hussein’s face and body and forever distorted his forgotten childhood lost in the clutches of oppression and pain.   

The child is in urgent need today for periodical medical follow up, special treatment as well as several cosmetic surgeries. In order to finish his treatment, the child also needs to be transferred to one of the Turkish hospitals; but the head of the family is unable to afford the costs of treatment due to his obvious state of destitution and poverty.

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