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Rania Kisar recalls revolution's memorable days

Zaman Al Wasl TV | 2018-09-21 17:48:00
Rania Kisar recalls revolution's memorable days
(Zaman Al Wasl TV)- The Syrian-American activist Rania Kisar introduces herself on official Facebook page as an advocate for freedom, constituted by human rights, for justice, and for the dignity of the proud.

A footage by the outspoken woman went viral last Friday on social media where the Syrian orator rallied with hundreds of people in the northwestern province of Idlib demanding Bashar al-Assad's overthrew, chanting the eight-year-old slogan, "The People Want to Bring Down the Regime". The slogan first emerged during the Tunisian Revolution


Zaman al-Wasl has interviewed Dr. Kisar, 44, in the town of Maarret al-Nu'man in order to shed the light on the story of a high-profiled activist whose most significant quality is that she is simply a Syrian citizen who was in love with her country and devoted to it, despite having the American citizenship. 

She chose to work with people, in the most difficult circumstances; starting from the relief field, reaching the establishment of a developmental educational organization, which she reached after having helped in rehabilitating managers of the local councils, and in building its structures and tasks. Rania Caesar’s is a Syrian tale worthy of being narrated and heard by the Syrians and by the entire world.

Kisar lived in the United States, where she studied, worked and then served as the director of the admissions office in the largest Dallas University in Texas. Then, she returned to Syria to work in Damascus, where she witnessed the start of the Syrian revolution with which she sided and did everything in her power to support the revolution and to help to Syrian people, stand by them and make sure their voices reach all corners of the world.

According to the regime's intelligence archive, obtained by Zaman al-Wasl, the State Intelligence issued an arrest warrant for Kisar in 2011.


Zaman Al Wasl
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