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Corruption swallowed heavy weapons factory in Mesyaf: source

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Corruption continues to be spread in the Syrian army facilities to reach Factory 794 after Factory 793, to turn from heavy weapons manufacturing into scrap.

The factory is located near the village of Zawi near Mesyaf city in al-Ghab Plain.

The factory of Zawi is specialized in the production of heavy, medium and light weapons, the most important of which are artillery (130-122 mm, mortar, artillery pieces, tanks, tanks). He pointed out that the factory contains special lathes for manufacturing and turning artillery tanks and tanks of all caliber

A military source told Zaman al-Wasl that the production of the plant over the past years was a material loss because of the poor quality of products, despite the capacities and the existing physical base, as it was unable to reach the required standards of the a manufacturer of a product with a strong military qualifications.

In 1993, the factory’s production line 793 were transported light weapons from Mount Takasis near Hama to factory headquarters 794. These lines used to produce (7.62 mm machine gun and various machine guns), but were suspended from work due to the failure to reach a military product and the failure to pass the tests

The source attributed the successive losses to the factory’s failure to produce any kind of heavy or light weapons abiding by the safety conditions, to the accumulation of debt on the factory, and the borrowing from the public debt fund to pay the salaries of its employees, as 98% of them loyal.

As a result of these successive losses in June 2010, a decision was issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to transfer the factory to 794 owners of the Foundation of Defense Laboratories to the owners of the Center for Studies and Scientific Research, in order to develop its production and make it a physical and actual product.

After the order of transfer of the factory for the Scientific Research Center, the Defense Industries Corporation dismantled and transferred some of the production lines that were inside the factory, which were transferred and placed inside the warehouses of factory 790 in the" Ambassador ", and those lines that have been dismantled and transported (Light weapons production line), according to the source.

The Center for Scientific Studies and Research worked on converting it to a factory to produce death drums, bringing the production of the laboratory monthly to about 600 barrels of explosives.

Zaman Al Wasl
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