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Former detainee says Daesh relatives get 'special care' in Adra Prison

Aida al-Haj Yousif

 (Zaman Al Wasl)- In this memo, Aida al-Haj Yousif, a former detainee, reveals how the Syrian regime used to treat Daesh relatives in 'decent' way, in a shocking behavior for the fellow detainees.

It is 5 o’clock, time of central prison of Damascus, known as Adra prison, the time of bringing new imprisoned women from all the security sections to place them in the wards of “Adra women prison” in order to judge them.

That day the great number of imprisoned women they brought was striking. During their entry the policeman Jihad delegated the mission of inspection and grouping as usual to Mariana who is one of the detainees supported but the director of prison and the team of the detained women belonging to her.

Before everybody, the jailer pointed to Mariana towards a lady wearing a scarf and seeming to be strong. So Mariana accompanied her to be a new prisoner in the same room.


Any woman placed in the room of Mariana enjoy very exceptional privileges, an individual bed, open phone calls, distinguished food, original coffee, as if she was a Sultana in a very successful role in a historical series.

At the afternoon, the new lady found attention from all the supervisors of the prison. The Colonel Adnan Sulaiman, director of the prison asked if she is fine and if she needed anything, and the policemen Jihad and Abu Taymoor as well. 

In the morning, the new lady was received in the office of the director of the prison and went back very proud. She repeated in the “breathing square” that they treated her in the “National Security Section” like a princess. She was sure that Abu Muhammed will not leave her imprisoned, and will not allow anybody to humiliate me, beat me or touch me. If they don’t free me soon, be sure that they will bombard the prison. 

He words aroused my curiosity, so I approached her and asked her who is he? Who is Abu Mohamed? Then I saw from her that she is 28, she is from Hma province. Her husband was a senior commander, Emir, in the Daesh militant group in Deir Ezzor province and she was detained for a short period by the National Security Division. 

After two days, the Emir’s wife was called before the judge, unlike all the detainees who were only summoned to appear before the judge after months of they stay in the prison of Adra. She said goodbye to her fellow detainees saying: “This will be my last day in prison”. Indeed she came back holding a release certificate and left the prison letting behind her lots of questions. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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