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Pro-regime activists call on regime to liberate troops held by rebels

Syrian Regime Deaths | 2018-11-10 14:40:00
Pro-regime activists call on regime to liberate troops held by rebels
(Zaman al Wasl)- Pro-regime activists called on army officials  to reveal the fate of 10,000 army troops who disappeared or detained by rebel factions throughout Syria during the almost eight-year-ol war.  

The call followed the liberation of 19 women and children held by Daesh in a military operation in southern Syria, that triggered celebrations in the Druze stronghold of Sweida province.

Daesh (ISIS) militants shot and killed two children during an operation, AP reported.

The Alawites-dominated areas are still the main manpower supply for Bashar al-Assad. 

More than 125,000 pro-regime forces have been killed in seven years of brutal war, according to local monitoring groups.

In relevant development, tens of army defectors who agreed reconciliation deals, hoping they will return to the army ranks, have been dismissed, military source told Zaman al-Wasl.

The Assad regime seems not tolerant with army officers who defected at the early days of the Syrian revolution seeking to support the people's demands in freedom and equality.

No all army defectors involved in the Syrian war or even joined the armed groups. But for the regime, those are not trusted anymore. Pro-regime activists dubbed them the ‘traitors’.

The source told Zaman al-Wasl that 18 officers from the central city of al-Rastan have been discharged this week after month of detention in the Military Intelligence branch 293.

Since the Syrian revolution erupted in 2011, more than 470,000 people have been killed, and more than 6 million people have been displaced.

Zaman Al Wasl
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