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Lebanon: refugee family back to tent as activists rebuke greedy camp owner

Syrian Refugees | 2019-01-26 13:44:00
Lebanon: refugee family back to tent as activists rebuke greedy camp owner
(Zaman Al Wasl)-Activists surfaced online a video shows a camp owner, in the northern Lebanese town of Miniyeh expelling a Syrian refugee family for not paying $87 (125,000 LP) the rent of the tent.

The distressing video shows the fire of Khadija al-Hussein and her three children ourt of the tent on Tuesday evening where the weather was freezing as snow storms rocked the refugee camps. 

“There is no place for the poor in this land. No place for mercy,” Khadija said.

Her children, Ali, Ibrahim and Anas, are waiting for their father who did not even cost himself to see his children after he abandoned the mother.

"It was 7 pm when the camp's owner expelled me and my children. He threw my tent because I don’t have the money to pay its costs” Khadija told to Zaman al-Wasl what happened with her.

In another video, Khadija has appeared for the second time accompanied by the camp owner in an attempt to rehabilitate the expelled refugee. He said that Khadija’s husband, who married another woman and abandoned her to live in the camp, is the responsible for what happened.

However, Khadija is still buried in debt and need. She has no breadwinner for her and her children, and has no financial resource to afford her a decent standard of living.

 Everyone left with their cameras and left her alone dreaming to get a job to protect her and her children. 

In the same context, the organizers of Molatqa Ahl Al Khayer, or the Forum of the Good People) said in a message to Zaman Al Wasl that the Forum will pay the rent after her return to the tent.

The displaced woman received many contacts after the video. Many offered her houses for her family, but she apologized, as she can’t live away from her relatives. So, she returned to the tent.

The refugee appeared in a video in the center of her tent. She thanked the owner of the land who brought her back to the camp. But Khadija blamed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

A UN survey conducted earlier this year said Syrian refugees in Lebanon were becoming poorer and weaker than ever. More than half of refugees, living in extreme poverty and more than three-quarters of them living below the poverty line.

Some 5.6 million Syrian refugees remain in neighboring countries – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq – Amin Awad, UNHCR director for the Middle East and North Africa, told a news briefing. Some 37,000 have returned this year, UNHCR figures show.

Thousands of Syrians are unable to return because their homes were destroyed in the fighting, or because they fear military conscription.

A survey made by Zaman al-Wasl on a random sample of refugees in the camps of Arsal, including 210 refugees, showed that 92% of the refugees had refused to return, while 8% had agreed to return to the towns that they described as safe in the western Qalamoun.

Up to 250,000 Syrian refugees could return to their devastated homeland in 2019, while many others face problems with documentation and property that the Damascus government must help resolve, the UNHCR said.

Since the Syrian revolution erupted in 2011, more than 560,000 people have been killed, and more than 6 million people have been displaced.

Zaman Al Wasl
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