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Syrian refugee girl plays in Dutch film

Syrian Refugees | 2019-03-03 10:21:00
Syrian refugee girl plays in Dutch film
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Nouran Darwish, a 11-year-old Syrian refugee girl, drew the attention of the Dutch audience to her excellent performance and her captivating presence in the film "Zomer Zonder Mama, Summer Without Mama", in which she participated as a leading actress.

The film, which has been played few days on NPO3, is about a close friendship between a Dutch girl named Susan who lives with her grandmother away from her mother, who is a war correspondent in Syria.

Rana, who lives in a refugee camp, an orphan, her parents died of the war. The two young girls share the same passion, interest and their love of ice cream. Before Rana is forced to move to another camp away from her friend, who was sad to be separate. The Dutch director "Sana vogel" ivoked in her direction if the movie the feelings of loss and deprivation and cruelty of war in Syria.

The girl, Nuran Mohammed Darwish, was born in the city of Aleppo and before she was seven, she left Syria with her family because of the war conditions and fled to the Netherlands three years ago.

Her mother told Zaman Al Wasl that the Refugee Aid Department contacted them early last year and told them that a Dutch director was directing a new film and wanted a Syrian girl to play a role. Nouran was chosen for this role because she is suitable and has an acting talent.

She added that the Dutch director met Nuran and began her training to perform the role the last summer so as not to affect her studies. She wqs trained in the middle free time between the sixth and seventh grade.

Waedh pointed out that Nuran needed time to learn horseback riding and received an Extra lessons in this regard, noting that the rehearsals of the film extended for eight months, and Nuran was very happy to participate in the film and showed a great response to the instructions of the director and guidance

‎‏Nuran, who lives in Broek in Waterland in the north of the Netherlands, is the character of a Syrian girl who fled the war with her sick aunt after her parents died. She did not disclose this to her friends in the asylum center. She was wearing ragged clothes to suggest that she was a gypsy, so her friends will not pity her. "Rana" later learns about the Dutch "Suzanne" and they became friends, and reveals at the end of the film the truth about the death of her parents during the war in Syria.

The mother of the gifted girl said the film wanted to say that our children should know what war is and stay strong despite the loss of their parents and loved ones.
The film "Summer Without Mama", produced by Goku Media, will be screened on March 23 on Dutch NPO 3 and will take part in many festivals inside and outside the Netherlands.

Zaman Al Wasl
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