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Germany: Syrian refugees to get extension in their subsidiary protection

Syrian Refugees | 2019-05-15 02:35:00
Germany: Syrian refugees to get extension in their subsidiary protection
(Zaman Al Wasl)- The German office for foreigners in Hannover province approved the residency extension for Syrian refugees who have the right to subsidiary protection or any kind of residence, so they given a German travel document, over a demand by human rights advocates.

The decision is issued under the supervision of the Interior Ministry in Niedersachsen.

Nahla Osman, a lawyer and interested in refugees affair, told Zaman al-Wasl that the new declaration didn’t include the refugees of “ subsidiary protection” from presenting valid Syrian passports or obtaining new Syrian passports from the Syrian embassy.

Subsidiary protection, a status accorded to those who have faced serious risk of war, death or torture in their country.

 However, they can provide written and convincing reasons for the Foreigners' Office.

On 17 December 2018, the German Interior Ministry said that it insist on the passport for those refugees.

“Talking to the authorities of their home country to obtain a passport is required matter” said the ministry according to the German Press Network (RND).

According to government figures, 17,400 Syrians received temporary protection in 2018.

Nahla Osman pointed out that the refugees who had protection or came by bail and classified under Law 23 were forced after the end of their residence to go to the Embassy of the regime to obtain a Syrian passport, as an important condition for obtaining residency.

She added that human rights activists in Berlin and other cities are encouraging the Syrians not to go to the embassy of the regime, demanding that they write personal reasons, whether they are opponents or participated in demonstrations against the Assad regime.

In their opinion, they must write such reasons in a letter for Auslander office to exempt them from going to the regime’s Embassy to obtain passports, so they extend the residence without it.

In this case, they are given a gray passport so they can at least travel to other European countries.

The German authorities gave those who had protection without asylum or those who did not come within the sponsorship program a gray passport two years ago, but the Ministry of the Interior in Berlin stopped this procedure after that because the situation is better.

“Many refugees unfortunately went and obtained passports in return for money, although this would encourage the regime to more killing and destruction against the Syrians” said Nahla.

-The cost of passport at the embassy of Assad-

The passports of a family of five at the regime’s embassy in Berlin cost 2,500 Euros.

Nahla Othman said that the Interior Ministry in Niedersachsen had decided not to force the Syrian refugees to go to the regime’s embassy if they had convincing reasons.

-Duplicate dealing with the regime-

Mohamed Kadhem Hindawi, regional Director of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, told Zaman al-Wasl that the decision issued by the Interior Ministry in Hanover is not new.

Also, he said that human rights activists have to remind new employees who dealing sharply with refugees to be kinder and more positive.

He pointed out that some refugees, despite years of refuge, have not made a decisive decision, whether they will stay in Germany or return to Syria, will they deal with the regime or not.

According to him, this duplication in dealing with the regime is often blocking the files of many refugees.

“Syrians, who escaped from the regime’s cruelty and war, have determine their options not to deal with him, and not be an indirect factor in extending the regime with money to kill their brothers and their families because of passports renewal to his embassy” he said.

He added that some German provinces began extending the residency of the Syrians under the so-called “re-evaluation of the security situation in Syria” and blocking the procedure for those who carries subsidiary protection among the refugees.

Zaman Al Wasl
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