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discord mounts between Assad and his tycoon

Local | 2019-09-10 14:16:18
discord mounts between Assad and his tycoon
   Syrian artist Kaisar Abu Zer
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Syrian artist Kaisar Abu Zer presented a Master thesis entitled “Euphrates Muliah: Between Music and Literature” at the University of INALCO for Oriental Studies in Paris, and included a literary and musical genre characteristic of Raqqa and other cities of northeastern Syria.

Abu Zer says his academic message is an attempt to change the negative image of his province of Raqqa over the past years, after being liberated from the Islamic State two years ago.

The thesis sheds light on this art in terms of literary and musical aspects through the study of the rhythms used, the melody and the poets, as well as the most important events in the stages of development of this genre and its relationship to popular singing through taped evidence recorded during musical sessions.

Abu Zer pointed out that since his first year of university he had an interest in both music and literature, and sought to find the common points between them, hence his interest in Muliah and traditional singing in Jazira region in general.

He noted that the sources written about the Muliah are very limited, which prompted him to rely on interviews with poets, researchers and singers of the Muliah.

He added that he used transliteration, writing the Arabic words in Roman letters which allows the reader to read the poems and pronounce the words with the correct sounds.

Zaman Al Wasl
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