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Intelligence agent who committed war crimes becomes refugee in Sweden

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Many of pro-Bashar al-Assad’s thugs, known as Shabiha, have fled the war-torn country to Europe, either escaping the consequences of their inhuman practices, or going undercover by taking advantage of the refugee crisis and profiting from it. 

Ibrahim Haider is one such militiaman who is an Air Force Intelligence member, who a few days ago, left Syria for Sweden after erasing all references and evidences indicating his support of Assad and all his military dress photos from his Facebook page.

According to activist Maryam Abdullah (pseudonym), Haider, who is accused of theft, kidnapping and liquidation, left from Damascus International Airport on February 27, to join his wife, Rasha Baria, who has been living in Sweden with her children for three years. The activist confirmed that Haider is responsible for the kidnapping and killing of her two brothers who were abducted in Damascus, back in 2012.

Their family had received calls from the kidnappers to pay a ransom, and had contact with a person affiliated with the regime who told them to contact Ibrahim Haider. From the information and the details Haider provided the family with, they became certain that he was the one holding them. She added that he asked her family for 10 million SYP in exchange for their release. However, after they have given him a million SYP as an advance payment, he no longer answered their calls. Later a person who has been detained with her brothers confirmed their killing under torture in Sednaya prison in 2014.

The source revealed that Haidar deleted all his photos and everything related to his work in Syria since January 2013, so to not be discovered in Europe. Other members of his family also worked with the Shabiha including his brother and his brothers-in-law, one of whom is still working with the Jibril group in Yarmouk camp.

The source, a human rights activist in Sweden, said that many criminals hide among asylum seekers, but that the Swedish police is working to identify and arrest them. The Swedish Migration Agency has signed an agreement with the Bureau of Prosecution and the police to strengthen operational cooperation between the three agencies, in order to facilitate the arrest of suspects involved in “war crimes” among the refugees, by speeding up the exchange of information between the agencies.

Based on this agreement, Sweden issued a decision to cancel the asylum of Mohammed Al Abdullah, who was accused of belonging to Shabiha and was convicted by Swedish court after finding a picture of him in a military uniform carrying a weapon and stepping on the bodies of dead civilians.

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