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New testimony against Syrian doctor moved to Germany after torturing patient detainees

 A former Syrian detainee has given a new testimony against Germany-based Doctor Alaa Al-Mousa, accusing him of torturing and killing his epileptic brother in front of him in a military security branch..

Mohamed Fajer said Al-Mousa who used enter security chambers to treat deatinees, had tortured his brother death in the 261th Military security Branch in central Homs province.

The former detainee said that his brother had to take medication for chronic epilepsy, so his condition worsened after two days of arrest. 

On the following morning, when Dr. Al-Mousa and his fellow Dr. Shuaib Al-Naqari visited the detainees, he asked for a doctor to see to his brother. However, when Al-Mousa saw that he was from Baba Amr, he started slapping and kicking his brother, calling him a terrorist and other obscene names and insults. The next day, his brother was taken away, not to be seen again.

After over a month, Fajr was released and to learned from his father that his brother had died and  that he had to pay 200,000 SYP to one of the shabiha to received his body, which showed signs of torture and holes drilled in his skull.

Fajr, who now lives in Germany, did not see the body but pictures of it that he barely recognized as his brother. He said that many of his friends were detained in the branch suffering daily torture from Al-Mousa. Detainees who were shot in different parts of their bodies, were brought to the hospital where the bullets were removed but the wounds were left open untreated and festering. Al-Mousa hatefully looked on them and told them that, “This is your destiny, this is what you chose.”

Both Alaa Al-Mousa and Suaib Al-Naqri used to visit the branch every morning to torture and kill patients. According to the source, they used to give the patients in critical consitions unknown pills, and after half an hour, they would fall to the floor motionless to be taken to the military hospital’s morgue the next day.

 Syrian opposition says more than 500,000 prisoners are still inside the prisons of the Syrian regime.

About 1.2 million Syrian citizens have been arrested and detained at some point in the regime’s detention centers, including 130,000 individuals who are still detained or forcibly disappeared by the Syrian regime, since the revolution erupted in March 2011, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

The Detainees Association of Sednaya Prison released last November testimonies of torture survivors of the notorious detention facility.

According to the report, 100% of the detainees had been tortured physically and 97.8% had been tortured psychologically.

The nine-year-old war has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands and forced 13 million people from their homes, half of whom have left their shattered homeland.


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