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Gunai: Turkish citizen praises Assad crimes and incites against Syrians

Syrian Activists surfaced on social media  photos of a Turkish citizen, originally from Syria, as he showed support to Turkish opposition party (CHP) and for Bashar al-Assad.

In the first picture, the man, who known as Gunai,  has appeared standing beside a platform with a picture of Bashar al-Assad appearing just behind him, and in another one, he was standing behind a car on which the profile of the candidate, Akram Imam Oglu was pasted, wearing a shirt featuring the Regime’s flag, raising his fingers in the sign of victory.

 In subsequent pictures, he was standing next to a member of the regime in the military uniform, while in another picture he appeared sitting at a table next to a number of the regime's soldiers, gesturing a pistol with his hand. 

Activists also shared a video of the aforementioned, in which he dedicates the victory of Oglu to the army of the regime which killed Turkish soldiers in Syria, saying in the video, "This great victory is a victory of God’s soldiers," referring to the win of the candidate of the Republican People's Party in the Istanbul municipality.

Addressing the Syrian people, he added: “If you want opposition, this is the way to do it. Long live Syria, under Asaad’s rule. We will always be victorious by God’s will.” He concluded his speech as he walked among supporters of the opposition party (the Turkish People's Party) in central Istanbul saying that Syria and Turkey will always walk hand in hand.

These images, circulating on social media, aroused resentment and anger among the Turkish people especially with the killing of one of the soldiers by rocket-propelled grenades that targeted the "Sher Maghar" point in the northern Hama countryside.

The activists accused the aforementioned of creating problems with the Syrians deliberately in order to cause their deportation, describing him as one of Assad's ‘shabiha’ in Turkey, insisting that he had a hand in turning the Turks against the Syrians.

Syrians who have seen the photos and videos find it strange that someone living in Turkey can publicly show his pride in the killing of Turkish soldiers and still be able to preserve his freedom and escape accountability. They demanded from the concerned authorities to arrest him as quickly as possible especially after they received the information that Assad pays huge amounts of money, smuggled through Lebanon, to some people in order for them to create disorder and break the harmony between Syrians and Turks. 

Activist Najwa Ali known otherwise as the "Sniper of Aleppo" said that the aforementioned shabih is called Gunai, who is originally from the city of Antakya.

She added that Gounai attempted to kidnap her in Istanbul, three years ago when she and her husband were running a café called "Coming-Together" in the Fatih area in Istanbul.  The Shabik Gounai, once came to the coffee shop on the pretext of being a customer who wants to throw a birthday party for his wife and introduced himself as a tourist guide.  The activist Najwa Ali noticed that he was wearing two rings, one symbolizing the Imam Ali’s sword, and the other indicating a Turkish party emblem. 

She added that the aforementioned shabeeh had tried to entice her to visit Antioch and started talking about his love for the Syrian people and his support of the revolution, all the while investigating the coffeeshop and its people with his suspicious eyes. 

The activist revealed that Gounai stole the keys to the café for spying purposes, such as planting cameras, since he believed that she had secret files in her laptop, related to the revolution, especially that he knew her to be an important field activist.
 Gunai’s Facebook page was replete with expressions and statements of support for Assad and his army. She informed the police about his assault and his associations without receiving any particular reaction from them. 

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