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Syrian Militants in Germany: Alaa Khalil, Russian-trained sniper

A screen clip shows Khalil (L) stands next to Bashar al-Assad in pro-regime rally in 2012.

(Zaman Al Wasl)- When he applied for asylum in Germany six years ago, Alaa Adel Khalil tried to conceal his military service within Bashar al-Assad’s forces in the first years of the Syrian Revolution, but well-informed sources have revealed to Zaman al-Wasl that he was involved in war crimes against the Syrian people.

Khalil, who followed a Russian training as a sniper, was operating in the notorious Civil Defence militia, fellow Syrian refugees revealed to Zaman al-Wasl. 

Activists have accused Khalil of serving in the Popular Committees supporting the regime. They also accused him of committing several war crimes, despite his denial, in the asylum application, of being a part of Assad militias. 

Khalil was granted a refugee permit in 2014 in the German city of Cologne as a student escaping war after he moved to the northern city of Aachen. 

At the beginning of the pro-democracy uprising, he started giving up the names of some of his activists and friends who were taking part in peaceful demonstrations of Al-Shaalan neighborhood, to the security branches. 

Khalil’s services and devotion attracted a lot of admiration from his superiors in the Civil Defense militias. They recruited him in the Syrian Special Forces, and then promoted him shortly after. 

Sources revealed that the regime sent Khalil to Russia in order to receive military training in protecting high-profile people from assassination. He is currently accused of being behind the massacre of civilian prisoners at a checkpoint, and of participating alongside the regime forces in the battles of Kabinah Hill in the coastal Latakia province in 2014. 

He was also spotted leading a pro-regime demonstration in Turkey in 2012 alongside another militia member. 

The number of regime elements living in European countries as refugees is estimated to be 1.000, including Germany, Austria and France.  

The German RTL channel aired a report about members of the Syrian regime's security services who applied for asylum in Germany. The report indicates, as well, proof of their involvement in the torture of detainees in Syrian prisons. These people reside in the refugee shelters without being subjected to any legal prosecution. 


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