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Ghadeer Ismail: another pro-Assad militant settles in Germany after committing crimes in Syria

War Criminals | 2020-07-18 13:10:00
Ghadeer Ismail: another pro-Assad militant settles in Germany after committing crimes in Syria
 Zaman al-Wasl's investigative team has obtained credible information about a new pro-Bashar al-Assad militant who applied for asylum in Germany despite being part of the killing machine of the Syrian army and allied militias.

Ghadeer Ismail, a former fighter in the regime’s militias, succeeded to enter Germany in 2016 carrying with him the hatred and resentment he held against the Syrian people.

Ismail, 29, originally from Beit Yashout, in northwestern Syria, one of the most important human reserves that supplied the regime’s army and militia with the fighters, was a Shabiha (pro-Assad fighter) member who participated in the torture and murder of Syrians, along with his father and a number of his relatives.

Relied on well-informed sources, Zaman Al-Wasl seeks to track pro-Assad militants who applied for asylum in Europe. 

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According to an eyewitness, Ismail joined the National Defense, and fought alongside sectarian militias convicted of war crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights violations throughout the Syrian territories, including bombing and invading cities and villages and the arrest and forced disappearance of civilians. Ismail also participated in looting and destroying properties, according to photos that show him with other Iraqi militia members.

Ismail, left Syria to arrive in Germany in 2016, initially staying in Heim, a temporary refugee residence located in Heuchelheim, in Giessen town, Hesse, where he received secondary protection after claiming that he escaped terrorist and armed groups. 

Despite his claim to German authorities, Ismail openly introduced himself to everyone he met in the refugee residence as a supporter of Assad, blackmailing and threatening refugees with their families and relatives who still lived in Syria, if anyone mentions the regime’s practices and violation in interviews or everyday conversations. 

A number of refugees avoided him while other remained determined to expose the regime’s crimes in front of him, which led matters to escalate into verbal arguments, after which Ismail was expelled after several complaints from the refugees to the town of Giessen.

“Ismail was not satisfied with threats. We discovered that he has direct contact with Assad security services after a relative of one of my friends, who constantly confronted Ismail about his crimes, was arrested at Immigration and Passports Department in Damascus and was moved to a security branch because his son, who is in Germany, spoke against the regime,” the source said.

Another witness explained that after moving to Giessen, Ismail resumed spying on Syrian opposition activists and people who participated in demonstrations against Assad, pursuing and monitoring their every move, eventually threatening them publicly, which pushed a number of them to file complaints at the German police.

In addition, Ghadeer Ismail has been active in the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which on April 30, was classified as a terrorist party in Germany as well as being in contact with pro-Assad militants and intelligence agents in Germany, including Said Ilya.

German laws permit the revocation of refugee status, based on the four reasons listed by the Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees (BAMF), including:

1. He has committed a serious non-political crime outside the country of refuge prior to his admission to that country as a refugee.

2. He has been guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. 

Zaman Al Wasl
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