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Assad militants in Germany: Mahmoud Arnaout

Mahmoud Arnaout is another pro-Bashar al-Assad militant who fled to Germany in 2018 after participating in the regime's military operation in the southern suburbs of Damascus.

Arnaout, 46, originally from the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, lives in the city of Womrs in the Rheinland-Pfalz district, according to sources. 

Relied on well-informed sources, Zaman Al-Wasl seeks to track pro-Assad militants who applied for asylum in Europe. 

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The Palestinian-Syrian citizen was one of the first members of the Popular Front-General Command to join the militia (Free Palestine - the military wing) led by Saed Abdel Aal, the political wing in it is headed by Yasser Qashlak, the real founder of the militia and becomes one of the leaders of the groups in it.

Arnaout, appeared in a report by the Russian Sputnik agency, along with Saed Abdel Aal and "Qishlak".

Zaman al-Wasl has obtained more pictures and videos confirming the participation of Arnaout in the incursions and bombardments that targeted the Yarmouk camp by the regime forces and the Palestinian militias loyal to it.

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that at least 4,000 Palestinians in Syria were killed at the hands of the Assad regime forces and the militias supporting it.

It confirmed that about 1,800 Palestinian detainees are still in the prisons and detention centers of the Assad regime, in addition to 300 missing and unaccounted for.

Despite the Assad regime's constant trade in the Palestinian cause, for decades it did not grant the Palestinians who were born in Syria and spent all of their lives in it Syrian nationality, and only granted them Syrian travel documents with their right to reside in Syria, and with the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011, a large number joined From the Palestinians of the camps to the Syrians ’revolution against the Assad regime, and they paid dearly, like the Syrians, for this attitude toward the Assad regime.

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