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Assad militants in Germany: Jihad Nadim Iskander

 The recent marches, in which dozens of supporters of the Assad regime and its loyalists protested against the Caesar Law in Berlin, revealed one of the most prominent figures supporting this regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which is banned in Germany, with its two parts, military and political, which was classified by Germany on last 30  April, a “terrorist organization” and banned its activities, after it launched a security campaign in a number of German cities against the party's activities and organizations and mosques believed to have links with the party.
Jihad Nadim Iskander, a cardiologist who works in a German hospital in the North Rhine region, is considered the main official and coordinator of those pro-regime marches and allies in the German capital Berlin and other German and European cities, in addition to activities and activities supporting the regime, such as encouraging the recent financial donations launched by the Syrian embassies.

A Syrian activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has accused   Iskander of working with the Syrian intelligence services and spying on Syrians opposed to the regime in Germany, especially those who take out demonstrations and protests against the Assad regime.

The presence of this doctor provoked the anger of many Syrians in Germany, wondering how a doctor who is supposed to be human in treating patients and relieving their pain to his medical body, is supposed to be loyal and supportive to a criminal regime convicted of killing and torturing Syrians to death. It is a financial source for a banned terrorist party in Germany according to the German Ministry of Interior's decision issued at the end of April.

Iskander has pictures holding the Hezbollah flag and another in his office with a picture of Assad.

Three sources close to him confirmed that Jihad, born in Latakia in 1972, organizes all activities in support of Al- Assad regime, with an official mandate from the Assad regime, which published by the state's news agency (SANA) in 2014 a report in which it praised the aforementioned doctor who left Syria to Germany in 2000 to Germany after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at  Tishreen University with a specialty in cardiology.
SANA praised his role in organizing activities in support of the Assad regime, such as marches loyal to and in support of the regime and its allies, entrusting it with the task of communicating with German society and conveying the regime’s narrative to it of what is happening in Syria, and denying all the massacres committed by the Assad regime against the Syrians, foremost of which is the “crime of the age” that Caesar law leaked photographs of it.

The investigation team for war criminals receives everyone who has testimony or additional reliable information about the aforementioned doctor to provide him with in order to complete his file and work to hold him accountable in the future by the means determined by German law.

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