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Germany: former detainee to testify against Syrian refugee committed torture crimes

(Zaman Al Wasl)- A former security agent who applied for asylum in Germany was recognized by former Syrian detainees, revealing his involvement in war crimes during his service in the Air Force Intelligence.

Ubai Ahmed, the commissioned officer who was operating in the notorious Air Force Intelligence branch in Harasta suburb near the capital between 2011 and 2014, had tortured detainees before fleeing to Kiel province in Germany in 2015.

Ahmed arrived in Germany at the height of the influx of refugees five years ago, like hundreds of suspected war criminals, obtained asylum as a civilian fleeing the war.

 Ahmed Hamada, one of the former detainees and Zaman al-Wasl’s witness, had spent 14 months in Harasta Branch where he was brutally tortured by Ubai Ahmed and his fellow security agents.

Hamada was arrested on July 8, 2012 in an ambush by regime forces. He was kept overnight in the regime’s Ghouta military battalion, before he was transferred to the Air Force Intelligence branch in Harasta.

The former detainee did not know Ubai Ahmed’s name back then since he did not interrogate detainees, but tortured them while distributing food in dorms and solitary cells. He was also assigned the task of shaving the detainees’ hair and allocating new inmates to prison cells.

Hamada said that he will testify against Abu Ahmed in German and European courts.

Ubai Ahmed has tortured him several times throughout his detention in the branch and before he escaped on a forced labor trip outside of the prison.

According to Hamada, Ahmed used to live on the outskirts of Barzeh in Damascus and owned a bar.
According to one of Hamada’s friends who were previously detained with him, Ahmed and noncommissioned officer from Deir Ezzor named ‘Abu Jassem’, tortured Mohamed Abdubari, a detainee who suffered from heart disease, to death for asking for water.

Abu Al-Hassan Al-Zhouri, another former detainee, said the people of Al-Qaboun, Harasta suburbs had suffered greatly from Ahmed who used to arrest and torture their sons.

After his arrest and despite his injury, Al-Zhouri was subjected to torture by Ahmed, who flogged him in his cell with a cable when he asked for pain medication.

Al-Zhouri said that Ahmed was very close to most branch officers and, for unknown reasons, had more influence and power than some of them.

The main witness in this report was exposed to a lot of injustice and torture in Bashar al-Assad's prisons. Learn his story in the video below, produced by Syria TV in 2018:

Zaman Al Wasl
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