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Three pro-Assad militants reach Greece as illegal migrants: sources

At least three pro-Bashar al-Assad militants have arrived in Greece in their first stop to Western Europe from Istanbul, where they recently arrived illegally through Idlib, and where one of them was arrested then released only 10 days later.

According to Zaman al-Wasl’s sources, the three had previously worked as fighters in the Al Aktaa militia, affiliated with the Military Security in Al-Sanamayn, which terrorized and committed horrific massacres against the city’s people.

Amir Qassem Najeeb Al-Falah, Abdel Fattah Bassam Al-Falah, and Yazan Al-Falah live in an apartment on Akheroun Street, in Athens, known for the density of immigrant and human trafficking.

The three men planned to cross from Greece to one of the neighboring European countries thinking that they have escaped prosecution.

Abdel Fattah, Amir, and Yazan

The three young men come from one family from Al Sanamayn city in Daraa. According to our source, the three worked for years in the ranks of the military security militia in the city under the leadership of Thaer Al Abbas, who was nicknamed “Al Aktaa” and was shot in the market street last year.

“Al-Aktaa”, the commander of one of the largest militias in north Daraa, was directly affiliated with the Military Security and the Military Intelligence Division.

Another source confirmed that despite their young age of Amir, Yazan, and Bassam Al-Falah joined the military security militia, which committed a number of violations against civilians in the city and its surrounding villages and towns, varying from kidnappings, to arresting young men who evaded military service, pursuing opposition members, looting the property and homes of civilians, especially the displaced of them, and participating in the storming of Al Sanamayn on March 1, 2020.

Storming Al Sanamayn

Our investigation team obtained a video documenting the participation of Amir Qassem Najeeb Al-Falah in the military operation that targeted the city in early March 2020. After analyzing the video with the help of a special source from the city, we found that it was filmed on the outskirts of the Al Atoum neighborhood.

The video shows Amir filming other fighters during their clash with opposition forces, targeting civilian homes, and carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle. In the clip, along with the sound of gunfire, someone's voice can be heard calling cearly for Amir by name.

The source said that the Al-Falah trio left Al Sanamayn after Al Aktaa was shot and headed to northern Syria in June 2020. However, Abdel Fattah Bassam Al-Falah was identified by some of the displaced from Daraa. He was arrested in Sarmada, but was soon released 10 days later in exchange of money he paid to the soldier who arrested him. After that, he managed to cross to Turkey and head to Istanbul to join Yazan and Amir to head together towards Greece.

Zaman Al Wasl
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