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1,330,000 Syrian refugees prefer to stay in Lebanon: Security Director

The head of the Lebanese General Security confirmed that the number of Syrian refugees who do not wish to return to their country has reached 1.330 million Syrian refugees.

Major General Abbas Ibrahim, in an interview with Al-Iraqiya News Channel, said that the number of Syrian refugees residing in various Lebanese territories amounts to 2,800,000 displaced people.

Ibrahim indicated in a press conference on the 25th of last month that 540,000 Syrian refugees have "voluntarily returned" to their country since the start of the plan to return them in 2017, according to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim's remarks came as a comment on the departure of a batch of Syrian refugees from Lebanon, after the Lebanese authorities had announced that they would resume their plan for what they call the "voluntary and safe return of Syrian refugees."

The Access Center for Human Rights had identified in a report the legal conditions that must be met in what is officially called "voluntary return" in Lebanon, indicating that it must be (optional), that is, it must include the free, independent and informed consent of the refugees wishing to return,

  The human rights monitor stressed that the return should be “safe”, that is, it must take place within legal conditions such as amnesty or general assurances of personal safety and non-discrimination, stressing that the return must be (dignified) in a way that guarantees the refugee who wishes to return a life in which he will not be affected by any form of violence, and to be a serious return and deserving of honor and respect.

The High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon expresses a lot of reservations and rejection of the mechanism by which the Syrian refugees are returned from Lebanon to their country.

In addition to the opposition of the relevant humanitarian and human rights organizations to this return, which lacks any of the conditions for the safety of life and security of the refugees who returned, stressing that numbers of them have been affected. Detention and sometimes killing by security and military personnel of the Syrian regime.

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