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Daraa: Regime sends reinforcements to Nawa and local people thwart

The Syrian regime sent military reinforcements to the town of Nawa in southern Syria reported that ton Wednesday, stationed on the Nawa-Sheikh Saad road, local activists and monitoring group said.

The Horan Free League said that large military reinforcements arrived east of Nawa, noting that they include "a T-55 tank, a BMP vehicle, a 14.5-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun, and about 100 members of the 112th Mechanized Brigade."

The local monitor added that the regime forces reached the main road between the city of Nawa and the town of Sheikh Saad and tried to establish a military checkpoint there, but dozens of people from Nawa surrounded the military force on the Nawa- Sheikh Saad road and forced it to withdraw, towards the 26th Battalion, east of the town of Sheikh Saad, and to west to the tank battalion.

Horan League indicated that Major in the regime forces, "Qais Hassan Ismail," responsible for the tank battalion located in Sheikh Saad, and his companion, First Assistant "Mohammed Hussein," were killed on November 18, after being targeted by direct bullets on the road between the city of Nawa and Sheikh Saad.

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