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Syrian Intelligence issued 4 arrest orders for late journalist Naji al Jerf: archive

Tsunami | 2015-12-28 20:36:03
Syrian Intelligence issued 4 arrest orders for late journalist Naji al Jerf: archive
(Zaman Al Wasl)-  Late Syrian journalist and film maker Naji al Jerf who has been assassinated Sunday in the Turkish border city of Gaziantep with a silencer-equipped pistol was not a bitter enemy for ISIS, but also for the Syrian security services.

According to the intelligence archive obtained by Zaman al Wasl, 4 arrest orders were issued by the security services for Naji, 38-year-old, two of it were issued by the notorious 215 security branch which was planning for a tragic destiny for al Jerf as it did for 11,000 Syrian detainees who were tortured to death between (2011- 2013), and their 55,000 mass torture photos were revealed early 2014 due to an international investigation.

Zaman al Wasl offers to provide Turkish authorities with the warrants.

Al-Jerf's warrants were some of 1,700,000 leaked documents and warrants issued by Syrian regime's security services with the end of 2014, including 524,416 arrest orders against citizens from 153 states across the world.

The son of the Ismaili dominated town of Salamiyeh in the eastern countryside of Hama had always voiced opposition to the Syrian regime. His city was one of first Syrian area upraised against Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown in 2011.

Al Jerf, who laid to rest on Monday, was an outspoken critic against the radical Islamic State group, who had documented its crimes and abuses in a movie called 'Daesh of Aleppo', Daesh is an acronym used to describe ISIS in Arabic.

The father of two child girls, who his assassination took place in broad daylight in the most populous city with Syrian refugees in Turkey, was the editor in-chief of Hentah newspaper, a Syrian magazine that reports on the "daily lives of Syrian citizens", said the publication's website.

A friend of Jerf's said he had been "supposed to arrive in Paris this week after receiving, along with his family, a visa for asylum in France".

This was not the first time a Syrian opposition figure has been murdered in Turkey.

On October 29, an anti-Isis activist Ibrahim Abdul Kader and his friend Fares Hammadi had been found beheaded in Turkish city of Urfa in a suspected revenge attack by supporters of the terrorist group.
Abdul Kader was a member in Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), a group exposing human rights abuses in Raqqa, the de facto Islamic State capital.

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