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Syrian refugee in Germany illegally entered Syria, met Intelligence officers: source

Tariq Hassan Alour, Syrian refugee in Germany and former agent in the Syrian security services, has illegally entered Syria to meet officers in the Air Force Intelligence, a well-informed source told Zaman Al-Wasl Sunday.

His identity was revealed by Zaman al-Wasl in June 2020. 

According to Zaman al-Wasl source who is willing to testify before the German courts, Alour was an agent in the Intelligence 220th Branch in Sa'sa town with his father and uncles, leading to the arrest of dozens of Quneitra protesters, many of whom were either disappeared, detained, or passed away under torture. 

 Alour, originally from southern Quneitra province, has been living as a refugee in Mönchengladbach city since 2015.

Alour was part of the raids, arrest operations and military checkpoints in the southern region, especially in Khan Arnaba, Al-Saqri, Al-Sahraa checkpoints, as well as non-permanent barriers set by regime intelligence to ambush civilians.

According to the source, Alour has exploited the refugees in Germany and a few other European countries, procuring identity documents –especially passports that he acquired from intelligence branches, in exchange for large amounts of money. He has also worked in transferring money illegally to Syria, which allowed him to buy lands and real estate in his village.

The source added that Alour has helped coordinate and organize pro-regime marches in Germany. Zaman al-Wasl has obtained videos showing him at the head of the procession calling for loyalty to Assad and condemning the opposition.

According to our sources, Tariq’s father works as a security guard in the Directorate of Finance, where he has a great deal of authority due to his close relations with a large number of military and security officers, even before the revolution. He previously worked as a driver for a member of the People's Assembly. The source added that Tariq’s uncle, one of the leaders of the Shabiha militias of the Sasaa branch, was awarded an honorary military rank due to his great loyalty to the regime and the officers of the branch.

Although German law prohibits refugees from visiting their mother country, in 2020, Alour entered Syria through Lebanon with the assistance of his father and uncle, without passport stamps to avoid losing his asylum status. 


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