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Israeli forces bomb Gaza City without providing safe zones or passages

Residents in west Gaza City told Middle East Eye on Monday that Israeli forces have been bombing the area without allowing residents to flee, or providing safe zones or passages. 

“The occupation forces sent quadcopters with microphones demanding us to leave western Gaza City without providing us with a safe passage to flee,” Yara Badr al-Din said. 

The areas which have been bombed include tal al-Hawa, eastern and western Remal and the al-Sabra neighbourhood.
"The Israeli tanks are now very back to the Al-Senaa area, Al-Shefa St. and Ansar. The majority of people around us decided to flee to eastern Gaza City, but the east still has occupation forces and vehicles, making it unsafe. We are trapped in our house and have decided to stay at home," she continued. 

The 32-year-old called the renewed bombing, after the Israeli withdrawal, a “betrayal.”

"The Israeli forces withdrew from western Gaza already, and families started moving back to our houses, only to be shocked when the tanks returned yesterday. My sister was about to return to her apartment in the Cairo-Mushaha residential tower, but it was bombed yesterday. I am grateful she was not there yet," she said. 


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