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78 Syrian sites hit by Israel since 2011: study

(Zaman Al Wasl) The most serious escalation since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. The Israeli army targets 12 targets, including 3 Syrian air defense batteries and 4 Iranian targets. An Israeli airplane is brought down by Syrian fire and Israel intercepts and Iranian aircraft. 

Israel has targeted Syria 78 times since 2011

Israeli raids on Syrian territory since the beginning of the Syrian revolution until now
Information from a documentary study from within the regime’s military establishment is leaked
Most of the news of Zionist airstrikes are incorrect and conceal the real goals
The number of Israeli airstrikes against the Hezbollah militia reveals the size of Hezbollah’s presence in Syria

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, Israel has repeatedly violated the Syrian airspace, targeting various sites and leaving casualties and victims. Observers may be surprised by the large number of target hit, some of which are concealed from the media outlets. In addition, the real targets of the strikes are not known to news agencies nor are the real results the strikes achieve. 

The most serious targeting and most extensive was on Saturday morning, when the Israeli occupation army announced the execution of large-scale campaign against the Syrian air defense system and Iranian targets in Syria. An Israeli fighter jet was brought down as well as an unmanned Iranian aircraft. The spokesman for the Zionist army Avichai Adrai said that “12 targets were hit including 3 Syrian air defense batteries and 4 Iranian targets.” The Israeli army announced that Syrian anti-aircraft fire shot down one of its planes on Saturday. Perhaps the latest attack moves the conflict to a different level, and changes the form and nature of Israeli intervention in what is happening in Syria, especially since the Syrian regime has moved from its usually approach of maintaining its right to respond, to actually responding.

As part of the series of leaks revealed and published by Zaman al-Wasl, we publish a study documenting Israeli attacks against sites on Syrian soil, some of these sites belong to the al-Assad regime and some are Hezbollah sites. The report includes the dates of strikes, the geographical location, losses and victims, in the process correcting much of the news about those attacks and the intended targets. According to the study, most of the news reported about the strikes is inaccurate where most of the information has been hidden or changed by the Israeli and Syrian regime media outlets. 

Regime military officers prepared the report and Zaman al-Wasl makes it available for its readers especially researchers and scholars, to illuminate an important aspect of Syrian reality after the Syrian revolution began in March 2011.

Zaman Al Wasl
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