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Military police commander in Deir Ezzor dies of COVID-19

Colonel Hassan Haidar, commander of the military police in eastern Deir Ezzor province died from COVID-19, pro-regime media accounts said Monday.
Haidar, originally from Yabroud town in Damascus suburbs, took the post in 2017 after he showed a massive allegiance to the regime and the Iranian militias stationed in eastern Syria.
Local activists doubt the death of Haidar that came a week after the death of a fellow military police colonel who was heading the notorious Sednaya prison.
Colonel Wassim Hassan, the former director of Sednaya prison, died of a suspicious heart attack, the Sednaya Prison Detainees and Missing Association said.
The Sednaya slaughterhouse had witnessed during Hassan’s era the execution of at least 500 opposition rebels despite giving them guarantees of amnesty following Russia-brokered reconciliation deals in 2017, according to testimonies by former detainees, 
Several human rights reports confirmed that Assad had committed crimes against humanity in Sednaya prison with an Amnesty International report describing it as a "human slaughterhouse".
Syrian opposition sources said that more than 500,000 prisoners remain inside the prisons of the Syrian regime.

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