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Stats, infographics show sectarian magnitude in Syrian army, one dominant sect

Zaman Al-Wasl has obtained military data and statistics revealing the extreme magnitude of sectarianism in the Syrian army, and how a bunch of Bashar al-Assad fellows are the only ones who control the highest positions and ranks in the army and grip on all units.

Most of the Army's top officers are originally from Bashar al-Assad heartland in coastal region where most are Alawite-sect fellows, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

The proportion of the army distribution in regard to the religious sects in 2021 shows that the Alawite officers are holding 82% of army positions.

The total leadership positions that were counted in this study within nine groups reached 152 positions, in which the shares of the sectarian components are distributed as follows:

The Alawite sect holds 124 positions, 82%.

The Sunni sect holds 22 positions, at 14%.

The Druze community holds 3 positions, at 2%.

The Christian community hold 3 positions, at 2%.
Al-Assad, who believes that war is over along with his key allies Russia and Iran, has maintained to survive with a powerless army by depending on local militias and Iran-backed-and-funded foreign militants. 

Syrian activists said all active officers in the regime army have committed war crimes in the Syrian conflict that claimed the lives of half a million people and displaced half of the country’s population.

The study is the first of its kind of this size that reveals, with pictures, the leaders of the first ranks within the formations of the Assad army, and it contains about 150 leadership positions that have been divided into nine groups:

Commanders and staff of the army.

The commanders of the legions and their chiefs of staff.
Leaders of the ground and air forces and their deputies.

Leaders of the forces and forces and their deputies.

Military formations.

Directors of departments and their deputies.


Commanders of military districts.

Military colleges and academies.

More than 220,000 regime forces have been killed since the armed conflict erupted ten years ago.
The conflict in Syria has also killed more than 500,000 people and displaced 13.2 million.

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