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Transfers within military intelligence: source

 The military intelligence division on Saturday made several transfers in top positions within the notorious security apparatus, military source told Zaman al-Wasl.
Brigadier General Suleiman Moussa Qanat was appointed as the head of Branch 261 in central Homs city. He was the head of Branch 256 in the coastal province of Tartus.
Brigadier General Imad Ahmed Mayhoub was transferred from heading the Branch 261 in Homs to the Military Intelligence Division in Damascus.
Brigadier General Bilal Suleiman Ma’lla was transferred from Branch 261 in Homs to Branch 219 in Hama city.
Brigadier General Ghazi Mohamed Khalil was assigned to run Branch 256 in Tartus city.
According to the source, Bashar al-Assad seeks to dismiss powerful Major General Kifah Melhem, head of the military intelligence division, and Major General Ghassan Ismail, head of the air force intelligence, for reaching the legal age for retirement. 
Usually, Assad's old guards never leave top positions due retirement age but Zaman source revealed that Russia advised Assad removing them from the scene to improve his image since both are on the US sanctions list.
Melhem is also on the British, European and Canadian sanctions list.


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