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Assad appoints new head for the military electronic warfare

Maj. Gen Ali Hamad (L)

Zaman Al-Wasl learned that the Syrian regime has appointed Major General Ali Youssef Hamad as Director of the Electronic Warfare Administration, succeeding Major General Younis Aziz Ali, who was referred to retirement.
Hamad, originally from Homs province, graduated from the Higher Military Academy in 1987, and was appointed to the ninth electronic warfare regiment, and continued in the technical department in the same regiment until the rank of lieutenant colonel.
He was an outcast and notorious officer among all the officers of the electronic warfare administration, the source said.

A military source told Zaman al-Wasl that during Hamad's military career, he stood behind the arrest and summoning of several officers by Military Security (Branch 293), like Brigadier General Najm al-Jadaan and Brigadier General Hassan Ibrahim.
 Hamad was sent to North Korea to follow a course on one of the advanced reconnaissance stations.

Syrian regime arrests head of military fuel department over corruption charges

Hamad was the director of Headquarters 47, which is the central headquarters responsible for collecting and analyzing information. While listening to phone calls, he often fabricated charges against innocent people during the Syrian revolution.
The tasks of Headquarters 47 were wiretapping, analyzing communications, determining their content and locating people precisely.
Zaman Al-Wasl has obtained military data and statistics revealing the extreme magnitude of sectarianism in the Syrian army, and how a bunch of Bashar al-Assad fellows are the only ones who control the highest positions and ranks in the army and grip on all units.
Most of the Army's top officers are originally from Bashar al-Assad heartland in coastal region where most are Alawite-sect fellows, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.
The proportion of the army distribution in regard to the religious sects in 2021 shows that the Alawite officers are holding 82% of army positions.
In relevant development, the Syrian military police has arrested Major General Haytham Khaddour, Director of the Fuel Department, after he was caught in a major theft case amounting to millions of dollars, military source told Zaman al-Wasl Tuesday.
More top officers who supervised military gas stations were also involved in this case and series of corruption deals in the army's petroleum products, as well as a large number of traders who worked to sell and distribute large quantities of fuel on the black market, taking advantage of the scarcity of these materials and their high prices, especially in winter.
The Syrian regime has frozen all assets and bank accounts belonging to Khaddour and his family.
Khaddour was appointed as Director of the Fuel Department in December 2018, where he attained the rank of major general.
The fuel department is one of the departments of the supply administration, which is responsible for providing the regime’s army with all kinds of fuel, oils and related equipment, and it has dozens of military gas stations deployed in all Syrian provinces, where various fuel materials are borrowed from the main refineries in Homs and Baniyas or from the warehouses of the defense ministry.

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