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Palestinian refugees in Syria fall prey to killing and enforced disappearance: AGPS

Local | 2020-03-25 22:44:46
Palestinian refugees in Syria fall prey to killing and enforced disappearance: AGPS
The unabated shelling and deadly shootouts rocking the Syrian territories for the ninth-year running have claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinian refugees and resulted in the abduction, torture, displacement, and enforced disappearance of thousands more.

The Action Group For Palestinians Of Syria AGPS has documented the death of 4,039 Palestinian refugees in Syria, including women and children, since 2011, as a result of war-related incidents.

Yarmouk Camp topped the list with 1,470 casualties, followed by 268 in Daraa Camp, 203 in Khan Eshieh Camp in Damascus countryside, 181 in Aleppo’s AlNeirab Camp, and 126 in AlHusainiya Camp.

190 Palestinians also died in unknown locations while hundreds of others were pronounced dead in refugee camps and communities across Syria.

AGPS found out that 1,217 refugees were killed under shelling; 1,094 were fatally gunned down, while 619 others were tortured to death in Assad regime detention centers.

Scores of Palestinian refugees have also been left wounded, including dozens who have undergone limb amputation or eye loss.

1,790 Palestinian refugees have, meanwhile, fallen prey to enforced disappearance across the embattled Syrian territories. Hundreds of families continue to appeal for information over the condition and whereabouts of their missing or secretly detained relatives in Syria.

Thousands of children continue to glimpse through the windows of hope, awaiting their parents, brothers, sisters, and siblings whom they have not seen for years and whose pictures are only present in frames hung on the walls of their ruined homes.

Since the start of the crisis in 2011, UNRWA estimates that 120,000 Palestine refugees have left Syria for neighboring countries, and beyond. Of the total 438,000 Palestine refugees from Syria, 280,000 have become internally displaced.

According to UNRWA, over 90 per cent of Palestine refugee households in Syria live in poverty and 40 per cent remain in protracted displacement as a result of conflict and the damage and destruction of their homes.

In its 2020 Syria regional crisis emergency appeal, UNRWA said that 126,000 PRS are identified as extremely vulnerable; 89% live in poverty; 91% live in extreme poverty; and 80% rely on UNRWA cash assistance as their main source of income.

UNRWA also said that 55% of PRS do not possess valid legal residency documents; 100% of PRS are in need of winterization assistance; and 86% of PRS households are reported to be in debt.

UNRWA said that the continuous depreciation of the Syrian pound and the deteriorating socio-economic conditions experienced by all civilians in Syria during the last year have increased the hardship faced by Palestine refugees, whose resilience is at breaking point.

In these circumstances, any interruption to relief services for PRS would inflict major suffering, depriving vulnerable communities of their main – and often – sole source of assistance.


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