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War Criminals: 'Saydnaya Butcher' dies after thousands of torture crimes

Special Reports | 2018-01-14 09:08:01
War Criminals: 'Saydnaya Butcher' dies after thousands of torture crimes
   Brigadier General Mahmoud Ahmad Maatouq
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Tens of thousands of detainees, disappeared and tortured in world's worst prisons Saydnaya do not know that their executioner and the direct responsible for their suffering died. He was buried few hours ago in his small village located hundreds of kilometers away from their detention in Saydnaya. 

Brigadier General Mahmoud Ahmad Maatouq died on Friday, in a day will be engraved in memory of many of his victims. He was buried in his village Vidu south of Latakia in the same day.

Although some of his loyal supporters tried to depict him as the "martyr hero" who died on "duty" trying to suggest that he was killed in the battlefield and under the whir of bullets, Zaman al-Wasl learned from its well-informed sources that Maatouq, the executioner of Saydnaya died in a heart attack on Friday. 

-Surrealist horror-

The death of Maatouq in this way was a shock to the regime and its supporters, who concealed the true cause of the death, since it was "inappropriate" for the officer to die this way in order to preserve the reputation of the place where he served and the regime he served.

The death of Maatouq is not the only paradox. The other paradox is that Maatouq’s village is adjacent to the village of Palmyra executioner and the most famous name in crime in the 80s Faisal Ghanem who comes from al-Hanadi village adjacent to Vidu. Both villages are located south of Latakia.

Even before the revolution, Saydnaya prison has a horrifying reputation, and it was enough to be the alternative and the updated version of Palmyra prison. The most severe violations, the crimes of torture and liquidation have been committed in Saydnaya. Saydnaya was also allocated as a “university” to teach and tame the extremists and recruit them in regime unintentionally or intentionally.

When the revolution broke out, the brutal image of Saydnaya Prison and its detention centers was reinforced. The detention center north of Damascus became the source of the "surreal" horror stories, in which the tortured detainees were mixed up with their torn flesh and the scenes of those who died in front of them, and finally the burning smell of bodies that became fuel for the Holocaust at the prison. 

To this cursing hell of Saydnaya, and the awful amount of hideous things still unknown, the administration of this prison was only given to a very special officer who is member of the sect and an unmerciful criminal like Maatouq.

Perhaps the hyper-sensitivity of the place and the power of those who run it explain somewhat the scarcity of information leaked from this prison despite the efforts of many media institutions and human rights and even intelligence to penetrate the walls, and even get some secrets.

Maatouq is the second director of Saydnaya who died after Brigadier General Talat Mahfouz who was killed by Free Syrian Army ambush in May 2013 on the road to the prison. (By Ethar Abdul Haq)
Zaman A Wasl
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