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Assad forces loot Christian tombs in Harasta

Special Reports | 2018-01-18 14:17:06
Assad forces loot Christian tombs in Harasta
(Zaman Al Wasl)- Head of the local council in Harasta district in besieged Eastern Ghouta suburbs has accused regime troops of looting the Christian cemeteries.

Hossam al-Bayrouti told Zaman al-Wasl that cemeteries in the al-Ajami and the al-Intaj areas had been looted and damged.

The regime troops have opened the coffins, looking for jewels or valuables. 

The public in Syria believe that the Christians buried their valuables with them. They did not take into account the sanctity of the dead. The cemeteries were also damaged by regime bombings and the grandfather of former minister of defense Dawud Rajha who was buried in 1920 was hit by regime missiles. This indicates that the regime does not consider the sanctity even of its ministers and men.

Christians of Harasta constituted about 15% of the city's population of about 35 thousand people. They fled regime bombings and raids intensified by the forces of the regime since the beginning of the revolution, especially since most of them - he says - were working in trade of precious metals or currency exchange. 

The local council of Harasta hastened to document this attack on the Christian cemeteries, in addition to ascertaining who carried out the attack. The graves were closed and the matter was monitored through the media to highlight the violations and crimes of the regime against all sects of Syria.

'The digging of Christian graves or even any burial place for any other sect is a real criminal act and the perpetrator cannot be a protector of minorities, but is a ruler with iron and fire”, Bayrouti  said. Adding that "the Assad regime is a criminal and has no moral ground as he committed crimes against the Kurds in Syria, we see today pours his hatred on the Christian community. "

Christian families came to the city of Harasta about 100 years ago and lived there without having a cemetery and when they felt the need to find a cemetery they asked the people of the city to secure land for them and they were given land in 1937 and the current land, which was dedicated to the cemetery of the Christian community from Harasta and Arbeen east of Damascus and since 2012, the cemetery has been controlled by regime and rebels recaptured it in January 2018.
Zaman Al Wasl
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