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Criminal Archive of Assad Family: Rape, Murder, Drugs

Special Reports | 2018-01-23 15:05:42
Criminal Archive of Assad Family: Rape, Murder, Drugs

( Zaman Al Wasl)- Zaman al-Wasl publishes a new batch of the Assad family's criminal records as Bashar al-Assad says “we lost our finest youth and infrastructure, but we won a healthier and homogeneous society." 

Perhaps our newspaper gives Syrians and others through official document and not in composition, a glimpse of the homogeneous healthy society Bashar bragged about winning he saw reaching this society deserves an expensive bill of destruction of Syria and Syrians.

The new report features official data on al-Assad crimes. Zaman Al-Wasl has already published several reports on al-Assad criminal archive, but this archive appears to be "so busy" that it always promises more. This is what we are trying to present through a series of reports.

The new data presents a somewhat different pattern of criminals, one of whom may have 7 or 8 different crimes, giving a clear picture of a family that has not only wrapped its criminal cord around the necks of its "local community" and settled in its midst, but also wrapped its criminal cord around all Syrians.

The records included in this report give a small picture of the family tree to which Hafiz, Bashar, Refaat and Maher belong. The four paradoxically speaking whose criminal record is devoid of any criminal offense are the most criminal and bloody.

Zaman Al Wasl has the original version of the criminal record for all the names below.

# Namir Al-Assad son of Badi’ and Nabiha Ahmad, born 1982 in Qardaha has a record of 8 crimes:
Warrant for rape and threat of weapons, issued in 2006
3 warrant of robbery and theft, issued in 1999, 2002, 2003,
Two warrants of morals for the gambling issued in 1997.
Warrant required under the "forcing others to work against their wealth", issued in 2003.
And wanted warrant specifically required for the Liaison Division under a circular issued in 2005.

# Wajih al-Assad son of Aziz and Fatima, born in 1939 was issued wanted warrant in 1983 with a crime of resisting employee
# Haron al-Assad son of Anwar al-Assad and Fawzia Issa born in 1971 was issued a wanted warrant related to the 
offense of carrying a military weapon in 1994.

# Munther al-Assad son of Jameel and Amina Aslan, born in 1961in Qardaha al-Ayla neighborhood 67:
Munther is wanted for arrest under a special warrant issued by the Liaison Division in 2005

A forgery offense under a warrant issued in 2008.
Wanted warrant 2005 for the offense of attempted murder
And he is particularly wanted by Interpol,

# Musab al-Assad son of Wajih and Manea, born in 1969:
The 1992 warrant, the crime of negligence leading to the loss of things of the army.
1994 warrant related to smuggling offense.
Wanted warrant related to the offense of incitement to robbery by violence at night and by force of arms, issued in 2006.
Wanted warrant issued in 1998, with a crime of smuggling and internal escape.
Warrant of the crimes of theft, fraud, smuggling and robbery, issued in 2009.

# Mahmoud al-Assad son Suleiman and Syria born in 1952.

Warrant issued in 1980 for not carrying an ID offense

#Muhammad al-Assad son of Tawfiq and Jamila Makhlouf born in 1967. One of the Assad big thugs nicknamed Sheikh al-Jabal. He died in 2015. He was mourned as the hero doctor jihadist.

Wanted warrant issued in 1991 for the offense of possession of smuggled goods
Wanted warrant issued in 1997, for the offense of possession of smuggled goods
Wanted warrant issued in 2002, with the offense of coercion of others

Mohsen al-Assad son of Tawfiq and Ghada, born in 1979 in Qardaha:
Wanted warrant in 1996 with the offense of possessing a prohibited weapon of war.
He is wanted by the Second Military Court in Damascus, and a 2001 request that he is "wanted by several telegrams".
In 2007, the offense of coercion of others to perform an act that harms their wealth is called for with violence.
Wanted in 2009 for offense of gunshot.
Wanted 2009, for possession of a gun without a license.
Wanted 2010, with the crime of forming a vicious gang.

# Malik al-Assad son of Malik and Dalal, born in1985 Qardaha:
Particularly required for looting (2003).
# Louay al-Assad son of Badi’ and Samira Derby, born in 1978:
2001 warrant for theft of cars and smuggling
Wanted warrant 2006, the crime of forming a gang of bad guys.
# Kifah al-Assad son of Ghusub and Wahida, born 1977:
The crime of kidnapping, extortion and signing of papers by force in 1996.
A crime of extortion and theft, 1996.
The crime of robbery, 2001.
A stolen car was found guilty in 2001.
Wanted warrant in 2007, the crime of smuggling.
Special wanted warrant in 2008 for crime of theft.

# Karam al-Assad son of Zuhair and Hala, born 1978 in Qardaha, recorded for at least 9 crimes:
Written on the warrant issued in 2005 several robberies against citizens in Latakia.
Wanted warrant issued in 2006 for the offense of treating an employee with violence and defrauding him.
Crime of buying a stolen car in 2007.
Particularly wanted for the offense of theft (April 2009).
Particularly wanted for crime of theft (July 2009).
Wanted 2009, the crime of forming a vicious gang.
Particularly wanted 2009, the crime of looting.
Particularly wanted 2009, the crime of stealing cars and extortion.
The crime of "concealing and harboring a girl, a stolen car and stealing cars" under warrant issued in 2010.

Karam’s mother is Hala; sister of Hilal al-Assad. Karam contributed to the bloody attack on the wife of Hilal Fatima Massoud as the later claimed in 2015 when she was hit by four bullets.

# Fawaz al-Assad son of Jamil and Amina, born 1962:
Particularly wanted by the Liaison Division.
Wanted in 1998 for the attempted murder of an employee.
Wanted in 2005 for the crime of attempted murder
Particularly wanted by INTERPOL. It was written on the warrant issued in 2005 the phrase, "Red International Bulletin".
Wanted warrant in 2009 for the crime of hiding army weapon.

# Samer al-Assad son of Munir and Jamila 1975 in Qardaha:
The crime of kidnapping (1996).
Shooting Offense (2003).

# Rami al-Assad son of Mounir and Layla, born in 1980:
Offense of possession of a weapon of war (2002).

# Hussein al-Assad son of Tawfiq and Ghada, born in 1975. His record includes 8 crimes:
Particularly wanted by INTERPOL for car theft.
The offense of possessing prohibited military weapons, 1996.
A wanted warrant issued in 1999 for the offense of attempted murder.
The crime of smuggling and stealing cars, 2001.
Wanted warrant for Total Murder Trial, 2005.
Wanted warrant for possession of smuggled goods 2007.
Wanted warrant for the offense of damage to the wealth of others and looting by violence in 2007.
Specially Wanted for Shooting, 2011.

# Hassan al-Assad son of Tawfiq and Ghada, born in 1977:
Particularly wanted by INTERPOL in 2001, for car theft.
Wanted warrant for the offense of forming vicious gang.
Wanted warrant for Military Service Offense, 2011.

Hafez al-Assad son of Munther and Hakmiya, born in 1987:
Particularly wanted in 2008, and four times, one of them on charges of cursing.
Particularly wanted in 2010, and three times one of them with the offense of insulting and cursing and intercepting the way.
Particularly wanted in 2011, with a shooting offense.
Particularly wanted in 2011for the offense of assault, shooting and attempted kidnapping.

# Jamal al-Assad son of Muhammad and Mary, born in 1963:
The offense of possession and use of hashish, 1986.
Drug Abuse, 1993.

Ja'far al-Assad son of Wajih and Manea, born in 1971: wanted warrant issued in 2004 for hiding information. 

# Bashar al-Assad son of Talal and Madina Nassif, born 1982:
Particularly wanted for the crime of car theft, 1999.
Particularly wanted for the crime of robbery 2001.
Particularly wanted in 2001, one of them for a smuggling offense.

# Badi al-Assad son Aziz and Fatima, born om1942:
Importation offense of smuggling, 1986.
Crime of stealing car, 1987.
Gambling offense, 1997.

The children of Badi’ al-Assad, in particular, have a huge criminal record full of crimes (see above), which we have already presented in this report: (click here)

# Amir al-Assad son Aziz and Zarifa, born 1945:
Warrant issued in 1977 for fraud offense.

# Ismail al-Assad son Tawfiq and Ghada, born 1984:
Wanted warrant for the offense of abduction of a girl issued in 2007 (the warrant was canceled in 2009).

# Ahmad al-Assad son Talal and Madina, born 1978:
Particularly wanted for robbery, looting, resistance and smuggling, issued in 2003 and canceled in 2005.
Wanted warrant for criminal fraud.
Zamana Al Wasl
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